SMW Mentorship Community

It's like an online small group (just a tad bigger!), designed to help you take small (but game-changing!) steps forward in the most important areas of life!

Does this sound familiar?

On your dreamiest, and most ambitious days, you can imagine her perfectly — this version of yourself you know you could be, living the version of your life you've always wanted to live. And on those days, the kind where the sun is shining and anything feels possible, there's this hopeful whisper in your heart that says, "I think I could really do this! I could get to where I want to be!"

But just as you're about to take action on these dreams, something holds you back...

(tell me if this sounds familiar)

  • Maybe you realize that you don't actually know what you need to do in order to make these changes in your life. You realize that if you did know what to do, you would have done it already, which leaves you feeling stuck.
  • Or maybe you have an idea of the path you need to take, you just have no clue where to start.
  • Or maybe your life feels so mentally and emotionally draining these days, you can't even think of adding anything new.
  • Or maybe life feels like a series of stops and starts. You have grand plans, and tons of ambition… for a few weeks… but then things get busy and you lose steam. The thing never actually gets done.

And all of these road blocks leave you feeling defeated and discouraged as you ask, “Will I ever get there?”

"Will I ever have the faith / community / relationships / self-confidence / career / financial situation / daily life / I really want?”

You don't know the answer (and you're not really sure you WANT to know).

If any of this is sounding familiar, please know you are not alone. I've been there, my friend. My goodness, I’ve been there.

But there are two things that helped me tremendously as I've stepped into a life I truly love as a version of myself I truly love, and I know that the things that got me through can do the very same thing for you.

You need a guide and some girlfriends: A mentor to get you started and a community to keep you going.

And that’s what this mentorship community is here for!


Mentorship and community are some of the best tools you can have as you take steps forward in your faith, friendships, relationships, identity, calling, and more.

They're the secret sauce, the horsepower, the encouragement we need to start, and also keep going towards our goals. And that's what this online community is all about.

(And if we're wearing our comfiest sweatpants and drinking coffee (or even better, eating pizza!) to fuel all of this inspiration, encouragement, and life-change, that's even better!)

As a part of the community you'll get...

A mentor to walk you through it all

All throughout my teens and 20's, I longed for a big sister. I just wanted someone to talk to, someone who had been there, someone to tell me if what I was thinking and feeling was normal. I wanted someone who could cheer me on and give me some tips and tricks to make the journey just a little bit easier (And maybe even more fun!)

My life totally changed when some wonderful mentors came into my life, and that's why it's so important to me to pay it forward! I would love to be that mentor for you!

A plan to get you started

We have this idea of the kind of life we want to live, the kind of woman we want to be, and we know we have to take some action in order to get there.

We can do hard, wonderful, amazing, world-changing things as women. We just have to do them a little bit at a time, and this community will help you do just that.

Each month, you'll be given a plan to help you take a few steps forward in these important areas of your life. They'll be simple steps, doable steps, not time-consuming or complicated. But don't let them fool you, these small steps are total game-changers.

A community to keep you going

Did you know that you're 95% more likely to achieve a goal if you have people keeping you accountable? When we have a community surrounding us, helping us, cheering us on, encouraging us to keep going, our goals go from out of reach to totally possible, and that's what this community is for!

By joining this group, you'll have access to women from all over the country who are walking the road right alongside you. They'll be there to cheer you on, keep you on track, encourage you, pray for you, and laugh with you along the way.

Life is so much better, easier, and absolutely more fun when we walk through it together as women, and I can't wait to get started!


Mentorship + Community

We're taking some of the best elements of a small group, and bringing them to a couch near you! (Your couch, in fact!)

We'd love to have you join us!

Each month we'll be tackling a topic from one of these categories...


Friendship & Community

Identity & Self-Confidence

Career & Calling

Living our daily lives to the full

And so much more...

"Through being part of Stephanie's community, I feel like I can breathe again. I love who I am again. I feel as though I’m in a place where I can hear God speaking to me again. I see Him everywhere and in everything these days, and it's because of Stephanie that I was reminded to look. Stephanie, thank you for sharing your story and your wisdom. I'm so, so grateful for you."

- Jessie

"In reading Stephanie's words and being part of her community, I feel like I've found the older sister I've always wished for."

- Mallory

“I'm so grateful for Stephanie's constant outpouring of love, wisdom, encouragement, and truth. Her ability to sympathize with us, speak truth, and be so vulnerable and real makes her unlike any other Christian blogger/author/podcaster I’ve come across. Stephanie, thank you for your gentle and loving spirit and for your heart for the Lord. We all adore you!”

- Rachelle

What's included?

Monthly Mentoring Masterclass

Once a month, join Stephanie for a 90-minute Mentoring Masterclass on Facebook Live where she'll teach you how to move forward in an important (and often super tricky!) area of your life! You'll walk away with a series of small (and totally doable!) steps you can take that month. But don't let the size of the steps fool you. They're game-changers!

Private Facebook Community

Connect with a warm, open, supportive community of women who are there to walk together, laugh together, cry together, hold each other accountable, cheer each other on, and pray for each other every step along the way! (This is also a great way to connect with like-minded women in your area!)

Bi-Monthly Q&A Coffee Dates

If you’re anything like… well… all of us… you have some stuff going on in your life that you could really use some help with. Wouldn't it be nice to talk with someone who's been there, someone who's can help make the journey just a little bit easier? Now you can!

By joining this community, you can expect two Q&A sessions each month where the floor is yours and you can ask Stephanie anything! (Yep, anything!)


Meet Your Mentor

Stephanie May Wilson
Stephanie May Wilson

Stephanie is an author, podcaster, speaker, and best friend, who teaches about friendship, faith, relationships and self-confidence. Her biggest inspiration is the quote, "Be who you needed when you were younger," and that's what she strives to do for 20-something women so that they can turn around and do the same thing for the women in their lives too!

You can learn more about her right here (make sure to check out her podcast (Girls Night!) and download a free copy of her book (The Lipstick Gospel!) while you're at it!) And make sure to stop by Instagram to say hi. She'd love to meet you!

A little note from Steph:

Hi sweet friend!

I'm over-the-moon that you're thinking about joining our community. We would love to have you!

As you're thinking it over, I would love to tell you a little bit more about where the heart of this community comes from!

The lightbulb moment came for me when I was curled up on an overstuffed couch in a church in Boulder, Colorado. Tucked in beside me were 27 of the smartest, funniest, most wonderful college gals I've ever met.

I was their small group leader for the year — mentoring and walking with them as they navigated friendships, faith, relationships, identity, calling, and so much more.

Those overstuffed couches, that room, that community of girls, it was such a safe space.

It was a space where you could ask big questions and be a total mess. It was a place to go for advice, and encouragement, a group of women who would remind you of who you are and who God is anytime you started to forget.

It was the kind of place where you could fall apart, and even more, it was the kind of place where you could be put back together.

That year, through those relationships, that community, and in those conversations, God changed our lives completely — both theirs and mine.

And one day, on those overstuffed couches, I realized I knew:

This, being a mentor, is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

And you know what? That's exactly what I've been doing ever since!

Everything we do here in our little corner of the internet (on my blog, podcast, in my books, even on Instagram!) is inspired by that small group, and this mentorship community feels like one step closer to gathering us all together on those overstuffed couches again.

God has some big things up His sleeve for this community, I can feel it. I can't wait to get started!

All my love to you friend,


Membership is just $10 a month!

What will we be talking about?

Great question! Here's a peek at the upcoming Mentorship Masterclass Topics...


How to add joy, contentment, and FUN back into your everyday life

Can we be honest? Being an adult is hard. There’s so much to navigate, so much to balance, so much to figure out. We’re figuring out work, and bills, and health insurance, and our living situations. We wake up FAR earlier than we want to, work all day at school or at our offices, eat lunch at our desks or on the go, and come home at the end of the day feeling totally, and thoroughly spent.

The adult things we’re doing are good and important and necessary (and they get easier with practice!) But also, every once in awhile (and I find, particularly during the summer months!) this schedule, these tasks, and this adult life feels so UN-FUN!

In the summer, I want to be outside, enjoying life, eating an ice-cream cone and jumping in a lake. I want to savor my cup of coffee, time with my favorite people, and the beautiful life God gave me! But that’s just the thing… in our adult lives, it sometimes feels like we’re moving a bit too fast to enjoy anything. There isn’t time for fun, isn’t room for whimsy or delight or ice cream in the midst of our busy adult lives (unless that ice cream is eaten by the tub in front of our newest Netflix binge.)

Well, this July, it’s time we change that. This month, we’re going to take our everyday lives and infuse them with more contentment, more joy, more delight, and more FUN! (And we’ll do it all without breaking the bank or quitting our jobs!)

I can’t WAIT to show you how!

(We'll release the next set of topics as the dates get closer!)

When you sign up, you'll automatically get access to past masterclasses!

Here are the topics we've covered so far!


The "Quiet Time": How to connect with God in your everyday life (in a way that's not only do-able but also deeply life-giving!)

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You love God and you want to spend time with Him. You want to talk to Him, hear from Him, and see Him move and work in your life. You want to be in a relationship with Him and for that relationship to keep getting closer. The problem is, you’re not sure how to get there. Maybe you just never learned how to connect to God on a regular basis. When it comes to “Quiet times,” reading your Bible, and prayer, you feel absolutely clueless. Or maybe you were taught how to read your Bible and pray, but you’ve been doing the exact same thing for so long, it’s starting to feel more like a box to check than an actual relationship. Or maybe it’s consistency that trips you up. You have grand plans of spending time with God, but something ALWAYS gets in the way! This month we're talking about how to spend daily time with God in a way that's not only doable but also deeply life-giving. And then here’s the best part: This month, as a community, we’re going to put the things we learn into practice.

Finding time to spend with God each day (and knowing what to do when you do find the time!) can be tricky — but with a whole community by your side, in your corner, and doing it right along with you… that changes everything.


How to do social media without being undone by it

We're on social media to feel inspired and connected, but more often than not, those aren't the feelings we walk away with. All too often we look up from our phones (only to realize we've been on them for WAY longer than we realized), and we feel, well, empty. We don't feel inspired, or connected, instead we feel things like FOMO, like the things we want to do in the world are already being done (and done better!) by somebody else, like we're not good enough (not thin/pretty/popular/successful/fun/well-dressed enough) and the list goes on...

But it doesn't have to be this way. With a few small changes, and a bit of intentionality, social media can once again become a source of inspiration, connection, and a powerful tool for good in our lives. You'll learn how to make those changes in this month's masterclass!

"Stephanie has been such an awesome role model for me, and I'm so so grateful. My best friend dropped off her book, The Lipstick Gospel, at my house a few months ago and demanded that I read it. I think it took me about 5 pages to fall in love with Stephanie's outlook on life & want to become her friend. She's been a such a wonderful guide for me as I've found my way through a difficult season, and she's helped me know that I'm not alone in what I'm going through."

- Jen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an in-person community? Do I need to be in any specific location to join?
This community is entirely online, so you can be in any location, in any time-zone, and even in any country to be a part of it!
How much does it cost to be part of the community?
Membership costs $10 a month! (The same price as a latte and a croissant at your favorite coffee shop!)
How does payment work? When will my credit card be charged?
You’ll be charged $10 as soon as you sign up, and then you’ll be automatically charged $10 each following month for as long as you're a member. (For all upcoming charges, those will go through on the same day you signed up! For example, if you sign up on June 10th, you’ll be charged again on July 10th, and so on!)
Are the Mentoring Masterclasses live? What if I can’t be there at the exact right time?
They are going to be live, but if you can’t be there to watch them live, that is totally okay! We’ll be recording the Mentoring Masterclasses and posting the videos on our member’s only website, so you’ll be able to go back and watch the class whenever you get a chance! And you won’t miss out on the Q&A time either. In the Facebook group, we’ll do a call for questions a few days before the live Masterclass so that we can collect and compile them all! So if you have a question for Stephanie, just make sure to ask it when we do the call for questions, and she’ll still answer it in the video — whether you’re there or not! While we so wish everyone could all be with us live, we know that everyone has different schedules and commitments, so we make sure that you don’t miss out on a thing by not being there live.
When are the Live Mentoring Masterclasses?
Currently, we don't have a set time for the Mentoring Masterclasses. The time and the date will likely change slightly from month-to-month. But the Mentoring Masterclass will tend to be within the first few days of each month. That being said, as a member, you will know the times and dates of both the upcoming Mentoring Masterclass and the upcoming Q&A Coffee Dates well in advance. We have a Members' Only website that you'll have access to, and you'll be able to see upcoming topics as well as the times and dates for when we'll be gathering.
It’s the middle of the month, and you’ve already done the live Mentoring Masterclass. Is it too late for me to sign up?
No way! Because the mentoring masterclasses are recorded, you can go back and watch any previous classes after you join. And because the members of our community are at all different places when it comes to what we’ll be learning and talking through that month, you’ll be able to join in the conversation without a problem!
If one of the upcoming topics doesn’t resonate with me, what should I do?
Great question! If upcoming topics don’t resonate with you, you absolutely can cancel your membership for the month, and join up again the following month to avoid paying the $10 for a topic that you’re not super jazzed about. The only thing I would say about this is that the cost of membership will most likely go up as our community grows, and the only way to stay locked in at the current low price is to stay in the community. So by canceling, you will be forfeiting your locked-in price, and the price may be higher next time you join. But more importantly, I promise you that if you stick it out, even through a topic you’re not super pumped about, there will be something for you to learn. I feel like God constantly surprises us with what He teaches us especially when we’re not expecting it, and I know He’ll do that for you this month. Maybe it’s the conversation in the community that just blows you away, or maybe this topic is something you never even realized you needed to learn about. Or maybe you have a problem in the middle of the month, and you want to ask me about it during a Q&A Coffee Date. There are so many benefits to being in the community that go beyond the topic for the month, and so I’d say, stick it out!
When I sign up, will I have access to all past videos as well?
Absolutely! Once you’re a part of the community, you’ll have access to our entire library of Mentor Masterclasses from months past.
How do the Q&A Coffee Dates work?
Great question! The first coffee date of the month will happen at the end of the Mentorship Masterclass. Stephanie will leave 30 minutes at the end of each live call where you can get her input and ask for her advice! (Can't be there live? No worries at all! You'll have a chance to submit your question a few days before the call. That way you can still get it answered even if you're not able to join live!) The second coffee date will happen two weeks later inside the Facebook group. Stephanie will schedule a block of time where she'll be in the group, available to chat with you and write back an answer to any question you have for her!
What if I don’t have Facebook?
That’s a great question! First of all, I applaud you for not being on Facebook. I love seeing women make the decision that’s best for them when it comes to social media. Second of all, unfortunately, in order to participate in the community and in order to watch the monthly Mentoring Masterclasses live, you really do need a Facebook account. And so if you don’t have one, you have a few options. One option is that you could get back on Facebook but only use it for this community! You could also create a new Facebook account just for this, that way you could be part of the discussion in our Facebook group, but you don’t have to deal with any of the other distractions of Facebook. Another option is that you could join us without a Facebook account, and that is a possibility. That just means you will have to watch the Mentoring Masterclasses after the fact on our membership website, and it also means you won’t be able to participate in the conversation with the other women in the community! What you decide is entirely up to you! I want what’s best for you love. 🙂
Is this time-intensive? I have so much on my plate, I don’t know if I can add anything else!
Not at all. The Mentoring Masterclasses are about 90-minutes long (an hour of teaching + a time for Q&A!), and you can either join us for those live, or watch the recording whenever works best for you! That's really the only time commitment for this community. You can spend as much time chatting in the Facebook group as you'd like, and you can spend as much time reflecting on the Mentoring Masterclass material as you'd like. But our goal for this community is that it helps you make small, doable (but game-changing!) changes in your life. But they really will be small, doable steps.
If I need to, can I cancel my account and get a refund?
Oh girl, things happen! I totally get it! And so you can absolutely cancel your account at any time. We won’t be able to refund you for the month you’re currently in, but we will definitely make sure your account is canceled and that you’re not charged again!
I know that Stephanie has a course that's just for single girls. Is this the same way?
Nope! Not at all! We have women in our community who are single, married, dating, engaged, and everything in between. This community is for all of us!
Is there an age limit for the community?
The only requirement is that you've over the age of 18. But other than that, all are welcome! The majority of the women in our community are between the ages of 22-35, but even if you don't fall in that age range, we'd love to have you! Now, hang on a minute, I can hear you worrying that you’ll stick out because you’re “too old” or “too young.” But I promise you, that won’t be the case. The beautiful thing I’ve discovered (and I know you’ll discover too!) about us as women is that no matter our age, we’re all feeling so many of the same things. You’ll join this group of women and age will quickly fall away as you discover that we’re all struggling with the same things, and that we all have wisdom, encouragement, and prayers to offer each other.
Is this only for Christians?
No! Of course not! Anyone is welcome! However, I will tell you that we do talk about Jesus, prayer, and the Bible a lot in this community. So if that’s something you’re comfortable with, go ahead and join us! But if you’re looking for something that’s more faith-neutral, this might not be the best fit.
Can guys join?
Sorry guys, this one is girls only!
Is this a good substitute for in-person community or mentorship?
Truth? There is no good replacement for in-person community and mentorship. No matter who you are or where you live, you need people in your life who can sit down across the table from you, not just once, but consistently. You need people who know you, love you and who can speak wisdom and truth into your life. That’s so so important and so we’re definitely not aiming to replace that in this community. But we see this as the perfect first step towards that. The thing is, often, we don’t know HOW to find in-person mentors, or even in-person community. When we’re feeling stuck in different areas of our lives, finding a support system is often the place we feel the MOST stuck. And so that’s what this community is for. This is a great place to practice mentorship and community, a place to get your feet wet in opening up to people and letting them in. Our hope is that through this community, you get as jazzed up as we are about girlfriends, and mentors, and having those in your own town, in your real life, and that this gives you the confidence, the resources, and the practical tools to take that next step and seek those things out.
Is this a good substitute for counseling?
This community is designed to be an encouraging resource and a step in a healthy, positive direction, but it is not a replacement for professional in-person mentorship, counseling, or therapy. I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor. If you feel you are in need of help please reach out to a professional or call a help hotline in your area to help you through your time of need. If it feels urgent call your local law enforcement for immediate assistance.
I would love to grab coffee with Stephanie and ask her advice, is this the best way to do that?
Yes! That’s actually a huge part of the reason we created this online mentorship community! Stephanie receives so many emails and DMs these days that she’s not able to respond personally to the wonderful women who follow her online. And so this is the very best way to chat with her!

Membership is just $10 a month!